22. Juli 2020 Andrea Bürger

Welcome to the complete guide on creating a REST API using Flask. In one of our previous articles, we learned the basics of web development using Flask and how to set it up. Flask is a popular micro framework that is used for building web applications. I have made one complete end-to-end machine learning project with Flask applications.

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This lesson also discusses principles of API design and the benefits of APIs for digital projects. On top of our GET method, we will also define a route for POST, PUT, and DELETE methods as well. These functions can be used to create a new employee and update or delete the employee based on their given ID. Unfortunately web browsers have the nasty habit of showing an ugly login dialog box when a request comes back with a 401 error code.

Flask REST API Tutorial

The update_user function takes the user ID parameter as input and uses it to update the name of the specified user in the database. This code creates a new PostgreSQL table called users with two columns. For this example, the statement This is executed BEFORE each request. Will be printed on the server first and then the function for the hello endpoint will be executed. This is particularly useful when you want to log the requests for monitoring purposes.

But for the start, an in-memory data structure works fine. The REST API that you’ll be building will serve a simple people data structure where the people are restful api python flask keyed to the last name, and any updates are marked with a new timestamp. REST API services let you interact with the database by simply doing HTTP requests.

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Flask is a micro web framework written in Python that is well-suited for building REST APIs due to its flexibility and simplicity. Enter the username and password you have used, https://remotemode.net/ and then hit GET request to get the desired result. When we run the above file using POSTMAN, we try to get the data without login in to give you unauthorized access.